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About Us

Specialist of lifting solution

MORN lift is specialized in vertical lifting equipment for 17 years. The company gets good feedback and praise from both domestic market and international market.

Established in 2001

We are a dedicated manufacturer of vertical cargo lift.

Founded in 2001, Jinan Sinicmech Machinery CO., Ltd is located in Jinan City, Shandong Province of China (not far from Beijing). We are one of the biggest professional manufacturers of cargo lift in China, and have accumulated years of experience on cargo lift production and export trade.

And Sinicmech has 16 years of domestic sales experience and 9 years of international trade experience. Our cargo lifts have been exported to more than 30 countries, and have dozens of agents in American, Singapore, UAE, etc. MORN cargo lift is widely used in factory, warehouse, industry plant, institutions, etc. It can help deal with materials from ground to first floor or higher floors. And due to the excellent quality goods lift and professional service of MORN, more and more foreign customers choose MORN lifts.

In addition, every year, more than 50 worldwide customers come to China to visit our company and factory for technology exchange and machine tests. Frankly speaking, some of customers once were a little worried about the quality or overall service of our products before placing orders. However, after personally visiting our company, they all are satisfied with the quality and price of our machines. Even some nice customers signed contracts and pay cash in our company.

MORN has been abiding consistently by its development guideline that goes “Safety and Service, Integrity and Efficiency” ever since MORN was founded. In order to continuously improve production technology, and help customers save costs, MORN has invested lots of money and time to study machine production and application. Recent years, we have spent more than USD1,000,000 to introduce engineering talents and advanced production equipment, like laser cutting machine, shot blasting and rust-removing equipment, anti-static plastic spraying painting machine, etc.

MORN adopts modern laser cutting machine to cut the goods lift materials, which makes every lift part extremely precise. Slight error on those parts may lead to great disaster during the application of lift equipment. The high precise cutting on beams and main structure is the base of lift, so we strive to control such cutting error within reasonable ranges. Compared with the traditional manual cutting, laser cut lift structure has a longer lifetime and higher quality and safety foundation.

MORN shot blasting and rust-removing process has 3 major advantages: (1) High production efficiency can reduce production delivery time. (2) Comprehensive and thorough rust-removing process improves the adhesive power of steel surface and increases the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance ability, prolonging the service life of product. (3) The ruse removing grade is equivalent to Swedish rust removing standard Level Four.

MORN power coating process has 2 major features: (1) Uniform painting with better adhesive power extends the product’s lift span and brings nice appearance. (2) The painting has higher hardness, easy for installation and assemblage. It is less likely to be scratched in real work.

Goods lift belongs to custom made product, and we always produce it according to every customer’s request. So in order to meet individual special need, we build a professional design and production team, together with experienced sales team. They all have more than 10-year’s work experience in cargo lift industry.

To be frank, many customers know little about how to install the cargo lift and this troubles them a lot. Don’t worry! We can provide all the details of installation (by photos, videos, writing explanations, etc) to reassure you. And professional installation team can also be available to offer overseas installation service if needed.


We have an in-house team of qualified design engineers. 3D design offer vivid description of the lift before it put into production.


Equipped with unique manufacturing machine and plenty of skilled workers , MORN has powerful manufacturing ability to meet market’s need.


Installation Detailed installation instructions, installation videos, operation manuals and operation videos are available. If necessary, our engineers are also available for install/maintain oversea.


MORN not only provide high grade product, but also offer considerate service in medium-sales and after-sales process.