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How to protect safety when you use a vertical cargo lift?

How to protect safety when you use a vertical cargo lift?


by Elena Gao

“Safety first” engrave on our mind, which is not only responsible for our product but also for our customer. The biggest goal for us is that provide the best product for our customer.

We have some safety protection on the vertical cargo lift, such as interlocking system, anti-explosion valve, manual emergency valve. They could protect the goods and workers against damage when the cargo lift working. Except these, we will do pre-installation for vertical lift to make sure the vertical cargo lift could work on long-term safety and stability.

Recently, we are manufacturing two units of 8 ton vertical cargo lift for our Philippine customer. At present, 80% of the production for vertical cargo lift has been done. The pre-installation of these vertical cargo lift is in progress.

Firstly, we installed the vertical cargo lift before rust-moving and painting in our factory. Then we checked the every parts of the vertical cargo lift and let the platform up and down to test the stability and safety.

If anything is wrong, we will debug and revise it, which could guarantee the vertical cargo lift could meet customer’s requirements.

After pre-installation testing and debugging, everything is okay. Then we will proceed to next step, rust-moving and painting. It could make the vertical cargo lift more beautiful and durable. Following picture shows the finished cargo lift.