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A Week-Long Visit to Dubai Cargo Lift Customer at the End of June

A Week-Long Visit to Dubai Cargo Lift Customer at the End of June


by Lucy Han

On 13th June, our long-term cooperation customer from the United Arab Emirates invited our Sales Manage Steven to Dubai for a week-long visit. We specially prepared Chinese-style ties and silk as gifts for the customer. And our customer said he was very fond of them. Then let’s share you some wonderful moments of this Dubai visit.

1. First day

When we arrived at Dubai, our customer drove his car to greet us personally. That’s so grateful. In the afternoon, he took us to visit the China mart where abundant Chinese goods are displayed and sold.


2. Visiting his warehouse

We have been cooperated for a long time, during which he had bought 14 sets vertical cargo lifts for his warehouse and felt satisfied with our cargo lifts. He said our cargo lifts helped them a lot, saving their labor and offering fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to any levels in building.

3. Maintaining goods lift

We have always been committed to providing a better service for our customers, also for this trip to Dubai we can give back to our customer’s trust. The customer’s cargo lifts had been used for two years and brought great returns to this customer. To extend their service life and promote better work performance, our accompanied engineer helped add four anti-dropping mechanisms into the four corners of platform to keep balance when the lift stops. And we also told them correct maintenance method to maintain the goods lift’s safety and stability in goods handling work.


4. Get along well with them in repairing

After having worked with local workers for several days, we all got along well with each other. We often discussed job together, had meals together, and even discussed Chinese super star together, like Jackie Chan. We maintained the vertical cargo lift together, and taught them how to preserve spare parts of hydraulic cargo elevator.

5. Top quality of cargo lift for warehouse wins good feedback

We had sold a lot of vertical rails cargo lifts in the UAE where the customers are satisfied with our cargo lifting machine. They said the cargo lifting equipment helped them a lot in warehouse, and saved them much labor cost. We also presented new product brochure to customers, and they were very interested in our newly launched product.