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Do you have good reference of cargo lift in Egypt?

Do you have good reference of cargo lift in Egypt?


by Iris

Recently we got very feedback of cargo lift from our Egypt customer. They like our machine very much. If you need, welcome you to go to their company to see our machine

“I am not sure it is enough as business wisdom. I am not used to paying anything in advance and even more risky to a company in such a far country. Do you have good reference of cargo lift in Egypt? I need to see your cargo lift in Egypt by myself before place order.” These issues are from some of our new customers. As we all know for many foreign customers, China is a very remote place. So as an international export company, the most important key point and the most difficult thing is that how to let foreign customer trust our company, trust our product quality and service etc.

Fortunately, our answer is yes when new customer in Egypt wants to see our cargo lift case in their country. Now I will show you more information about our excellent cargo lift installation case in Egypt.

The customer is called Mr. Mohamed Ismael, working in Industrial company. He bought two units hydraulic cargo lift from our company in 2015.

The main information of these two units cargo lift is lifting height 6.85 (8m), load capacity 2000kg (1500kg), platform size 3000*2000mm (3000*4000mm). And these cargo lift is added vertical sliding up-down door on platform according to customer’s request. Cargo lift pre-installed photos in factory are as below.


Mr. Ismael is very smart. They installed cargo lift by themselves according to our installation video and instruction. Have to say they did very well. Furthermore they did a shaft for the cargo lift to make sure the cargo lift is more safety when working. I am very surprised when I see the feedback photo.


Recently Ismael bought one unit small cargo lift from our company again. And they are very interested to be our agent in Egypt. Sincerely hope we can build good business relationship for long time. So if you need hydraulic cargo lift for helping you save labor, time and improving work efficiency, but still worry about company or quality, you can go to Ismael’s company to see our cargo lift. If Egypt is a very far place for you, you can also call him to check our quality. Anyway, we will let you believe MORN cargo lift by real experience and feedback