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Why Installing a Freight Lift is Easy?

Why Installing a Freight Lift is Easy?


by Elena Gao

Facing a freight lift, one of questions comes in your mind that how the freight lift is installed, for the lift looks so complicated and large. Different people must have a lot of different considerations when they are prepared to purchase a freight lift.

One of the same questions is that “does it come fully assembled? Or is partial assembly required?” You probably do not need to worry about it. It is very easy to install a lift. Let us access an installation site of the freight lift to check how to install a freight lift.

1. Assembled main parts before shipment

We will assemble the main parts well before shipment, such as guide rails, hydraulic cylinder, leaf chain and wire rope. Just like what is displayed on the below picture.

2. To prepare a pit before installation

In order to make the platform in the same level with ground and fix the freight lift later, you need to prepare the embedded parts when pouring the concrete slab according to the pit size we provided. The following picture shows the pit.

If you are not able to make a pit, that is also no problem. We could provide a ramp for you to make loading and unloading convenient. Please refer to the ramp picture as below.

3. Fix the freight lift

when you receive the lift, you just need to do very easy installation and fixing. Please kindly see below for better understanding.

a) Fix the bottom plate on ground floor by bolts.

b) Set the lift upright.

c) Fix any one point with lift guide rail and the guard rail on your upper floor. Please refer to below picture.

3. The freight lift installation has been done.

You’re done! Plug in, then lift can work. Wasn’t that easy? Let us check the product.

Although the installation is very easy and convenient, we will do detailed installation manual and video based on your actual installation environment. 


Anything you need help, please feel free to contact us. 24-hour technical support by email, telephone or other communication online are all available.